Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yes, it's been a while

Why does life spiral out of control sometimes? Is it just me? Don't know but it DOES happen in my life once in a while. So, it has been some time since I have done anything worth posting, too. Maybe this is the beginning of a new start??? We'll see. My life priorities (mainly concerning family) have just changed drastically and I've yet to see where my art might fit in and when.

But for today -- In DyeHards we have a Complex Cloth swap. 8 pieces to do for the swap.
FIRST STEP - On all of them I started with a hand-dyed piece I already had on hand. Six of them are from a simple color wheel I had done and then I found two other pieces in my stash.
SECOND STEP - I wrapped a small roller with rubber bands, rolled them in DynaFlow (ones that went with the color of the original dyed fabric). Then I rollered the paint onto the cloth. This technique made interesting splotch marks on the cloth. Not what I was going for but, hey, that's what discovery is all about. In the end I really like the "deconstructed" look they gave.
THIRD STEP - Continuing with the deconstructed concept, I have styrafoam take out containers that have a cool circle and line pattern already embossed on them. I painted a different but coordinating color of DynaFlow in the styrafoam piece and stamped it randomly all over the cloth.
FOURTH STEP - I have a stencil called circles and stars. I placed this on the cloth and stenciled it with Lumiere paints that went with the color of the fabric. I didn't do this really precisely because I wanted to keep the deconstructed thing going.
Here first is a picture of one of the pieces opened up so you can see the overall pattern.

Here are the 8 pieces all folded and ready to package and ship to the swap hostess.

I must say it was very exciting and comforting to be back in the studio doing something creative! Hopefully, it won't be too long before I get back.