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Lourdes said...

I just wanted to let you know I recieved my beautiful snow dyed fabric and the fons & Porter 800 Series. I can't wait to create something with both. Thanks you so much for your generous giveaway.
Lourdes Fay
lourdesfay at gmail dot com

Matt Wright said...

Hi Kelly, my names is Matt Wright, my wife and I are artists. We wanted to do something to keep art alive. We've built a free website, for all artists. We welcome the artists that make tools for artists. Please look at our site, it's free, we'll never sell info. We just want to help. If you like us, can you please recommend us.
Thank you,
Matt Wright 818.340.5418

Matt Wright said...

Oh I forgot to mention the name, I'm silly.


Francie Ginocchio said...

Kelly -- where is you January 2014 show??

Francie Ginocchio

B. Garner said...

Sorry Kelly... in my post about the snow dyes I called you Mary, and just because of Mary Stori's note above... My apologies! You are BOTH terrific.