Sunday, January 1, 2012

And So Begins Another Year!!

And now to begin the year with posting some art.   I belong to a small group of art quilters that work in 12" X 12" (remember the hot air balloon?) and the current theme is  "Size Is Not Important". And here is my art quilt for that theme.

Title: Five Smooth Stones

Concept: This was the first idea I had when I read the theme for this quarter. (OK, the second idea!) Anyway, I thought of David and Goliath. Truly size was not the determining factor in that confrontation. So I decided on the five smooth stones that David took to take to the battle along with the type of slingshot the used back in those days (and still do in the Middle East I believe). All the fabrics are my own hand dyed fabrics, the slingshot is made of a very soft leather, the leather straps I've had for years (no clue where they came from now). The straps by the slingshot are bound with a speciality yarn I had in my stash. I did minimal quilting because I used the two colors of "sand" fabric to create the undulation of the sand. Also, I sprayed the two sand fabrics with a textured spray paint called "Stone" Not sure if you can see that in the photo.

Five Smooth Stones

Now I'm ready to find out what the next theme is!! Hopefully this time it won't take me so long to get it done!
Oh and BTW -- HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! Hoping 2012 will be artful and creative and fulfilling!