Monday, February 21, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Days 22 - 24

Dark days.  Dark journal pages.  Decided not to post them.  Just that the project is now complete.

Hopefully, brighter days are ahead.....somewhere

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Days 20 and 21

Almost caught up! And it is only the middle of February!!!  Oh well....I've been working very hard on another project which involves a LOT of lino cutting.  Had to give the hands a break today so I decided to do a couple of journal pages.

Day 20 prompt was our front door. Well, my front door is uninspiring to me...especially right now for several reasons.  SO.....I decided to expand the topic and chose one of my very favorite door photos to use for this page.  This "door" is from a very old building in a very small town in northeast Texas.  I like this so much. It is the door to creativity!  And why not?????  Did my journaling in the "brick" patterns I drew on the page.

Journal January 2011 - Day 20 - Door to Creativity

Day 21 prompt was Bluebells.  Well, you gotta understand.....this Texas girl couldn't even think of doing blue flowers without doing BLUEBONNETS!! The Texas state flower.  This is my favorite mental picture of Texas.....a vast field of bluebonnets in the Hill Country of Texas with a couple of live oaks just over the ridge.  It evokes deep emotions even now.  Even though I haven't lived in Texas in many many years.  Guess you just can't take the Texas out of this girl after least in some part of my heart.

Journal January 2011 - Day 21 - Bluebonnets

Well, only three more day to do to catch up on the Journal January 2011 project!  Might do another one this afternoon.......we'll see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Days 15 and 19

I never did find the photos I was looking for so I went ahead and did Day 15 with generic faces.  The prompt was about stories of women.  I wanted to do the story of my heritage.  My heritage is a long line of very strong women. Not perfect mind you.....but strong and mostly independent! I figure part of the strength I get to jump in and try new things I've never done before is from these women.  Chosen out of many are my great-aunt-Orvie (a solo missionary to Burma when she was only 17), my great-grandmother Mary Davis (who traveled to Texas in a covered wagon from Missouri), my maternal grandmother Inez Skinner (who when deserted by an alcoholic husband raised three kids on $12/week - and went on to marry a wonderful man!!), my fraternal grandmother Ocie Lambright (although I disagreed with what she believed, sacrificed so much to stand up for and live by her beliefs), and my mother Dean Guest (left a fine life to head off with my dad to Africa as a missionary with only a one-way ticket).  Those are only single examples of the strength that they have lived by. There is so  much more.  There are other un-named faces going back before these women.  Strong women don't spring from the dirt, so I figure there must have been other strong women that were examples for these women in my life.  And I was privileged to know all of the ones listed.  Now...I can only hope to carry on that heritage to my grand-daughters and make those in my past proud.

Journal January 2011 - Day 15 - Strong Women - My Heritage

Day 19's prompt is Toy Talisman - a favorite toy from our childhood. Well, try as I might I couldn't think of one! No really!  But what DID come to mind is all my books. It all started when I memorized (and recited ad nauseum so I hear tell) all the nursery rhymes I could get my little 2-year-old hands on.  Even slept with all of them.  Then it was Dr. Seuss, then Nancy Drew throughout my early school years. That is when my love of the mystery was born! After that I found Agatha Christie!! Amazing. Then as an adult a friend recommended Anne Perry. Another wonderful mystery writer.  Then another friend introduced me to Diana Gabaldon. Not much of a reader of fantasy books but this series is so steeped in history that I fell in love with it! Today, as a voracious reader...I can look back to the beginning and see that my first love of books began at a very early age and I have enjoyed many adventures through these and so many others.

Journal January 2011 - Day 19 - Books

Monday, February 7, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Day 18

Got inspired this morning and completed TWO journal pages! Well....this second one was rather a fun lark and just playful.  I didn't plan really - just took it as it came.  I had a bunch of tools on my work area so I just grabbed what was at hand and started making funky letters.  It reminded me of how we "decorated" our bookcovers with those big fat letters when I was in school.  Who knew it was art back then???  But the practice came in handy it seems!

And my zebra still likes to peek in and play on some pages now and then.......

Journal January 2011 - Day 18 - Lettering

Now, only day 15 to get to....then 19 thru 24.  Whew! I hope I make it by the deadline! (Obviously the deadline is NOT the end of January...thankfully!)

Journal January 2011 - Day 17

This was a fun one for me because I have never drawn a still life.  I did some in fabric for the FIG study but that is a bit different than drawing one.  I decided to use watercolor pencils because I wanted the more pale yellow/green pears.  Found several images of pears online and got the idea of what I wanted.  Then I lightly sketched it onto the page and then got out the watercolor pencils (I DO love them!!).  Then I used my Aquapen to blend and highlight areas.  So, here they are -- plump pears!

Journal January 2011 - Day 17 - Plump Pears

I obviously have a very long way to go to get a still life I really like but I did learn a lot and enjoy the process very very much!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inspired by ? - a new journal - Joan Miro

Starting a new journal with art prompts by Milliande.  This one is to be inspired by chosen artists.  The first one is Joan Miro.  I love the playful form and colors of his work.  At first I had a subject in mind and tried to draw a Miro-inspired picture of it.  Didn't work too well.  So, I just started drawing shapes and went wherever it took me.  When I started coloring in the shapes, the title came to me.  The title is The Embrace. And in honor of our Spanish artist I am calling it - El Abrazo.  See the girl near the upper left?  Her very long arms are embracing all the varied bits around her.  I see it as embracing a variety of things that surround me in art and life.  To embrace them and let them change who I am and how I view my world. Truly enjoyed this page!

Inspired by ? - Joan Miro - El Abrazo

Journal January 2011 - Day 16

Yep, I'm skipping day 15 for now. There is something I need that I can't find right now and I am going to wait until I find it. 

So, day 16 it is!  Favorite Number is the prompt.  My favorite number is 7.  However, even though I don't believe in "lucky" numbers or anything, I have playing card, dice and dominoes on my page.  I began to wonder....just what attracts us to a certain number and not to others?  Some experience in our past, whether remembered or not?  I wonder if any studies have been done on that subject??  Anyway, number 7 is the choice for my page!

Journal January 2011 - Day 16 - Favorite Number

Friday, February 4, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Day 14

Mirror, Mirror! I chose to consider the mirror in my mind instead of the physical mirror reflection. The mind image is the one that has more of an impact on my art.  Most days now I see the image of a colorful, playful, creative, imaginative, talented artist. But, there are still days when the "other" image creeps in. That image is pale, disjointed and dysfunctional. Boxed in by the long felt demand to be "perfect", to "perform". I have gotten better at ignoring her and brushing her to the side...but there are still times.....

I've recently been learning even more about the joy of just playing and letting art "happen".  It is so much more rewarding and enjoyable!! I am choosing to see more and more of the creative, playful side that I am beginning to recognize as the REAL me!

Mirror, Mirror - Knowing Who You Are

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Day 13

And another interesting day! This one is really playful.  The idea is to just draw lines on the page and see what happens.  What do you see?  What forms take shape? Which lines go together?  I'm enjoying the "not having to be perfect" aspect of these recent pages.  I'm LOVING the play time! Now what will be interesting is how continuing this will impact my other art.  Being foot-loose and fancy-free in one's journal is totally different than being that way in the art one presents to the world....and perhaps hopes to sell. But will the playfulness and freedom carry over anyway?  Will it be something acceptable?  Only time will tell I suppose.  Or perhaps the whole thing is to have a very playful area to bring the relief of the precise in other areas??? hmmmmm interesting thought....well....interesting to me anyway!  So, here is my journal page for Day 13 - Taking a Line for a Walk

Journal January 2011 - Day 12 - Taking a Line for a Walk

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Day 12

Today was a very weird kind of journaling experience. I've been trying to just let it go and do whatever comes to mind or hand.  Not trying to prove anything to anyone -- just having fun and seeing where it takes me. I started with the face and it turned out really sad and when my aquapen ran it looked like I let it be tears.  It's been that kind of week so it just came out.  Not too sure where the dead stick-figure came from (perhaps because being sick for what is now 3 weeks and no sign of an end - well, let's just say there are days that the final option is not all that bad!!  LOL!!) Since the prompt for this day was Daily Detritus I challenged myself to work with the bits and pieces from recent other works that were within my reach on the island. I have been involved in many different projects until recently so there were many to choose from but it might have made it all seem just a bit disjointed.  Oh well, that is also my life so I guess that makes this an excellent page!  And here it is....

Journal January 2011 - Day 12 - Daily Detritus