Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More fun learning....

One of the great things about having another artist around is that we both LOVE to try new things....and I love to try things she has done that I haven't!!

This quilt is highly textured and then painted.  I used cheesecloth, lace, mulberry cloth, torn fabric, knotted strips of fabric, a braided bit of fabric, cording, embroidery and probably other bits I have forgotten about. Then I painted it all over! Have to was a BIT scary at first. And even later when it was done as well. I wasn't sure at all. Then I put it up on the design wall and saw the Joyful Dancer appear. After that...well...we have become good friends.  So good in fact that this technique will be appearing again in an upcoming work...but a different usage.  hmmmmmm wonder what it could be????? she is...Joyful Dancer

And here is a it of a close-up where I think you can see the texture quite well here.

Can this be art.....AND art quilting????

OH YES!!!! I'm currently working on a project for a group I belong to and just wanted to post a quick peek to kinda capture your curiosity. This bit WILL be part of a new art quilt shortly. I should be posting photos of the completed quilt by the first of next week. So I hope you have subscribed for e-mail updates so you will see it when it goes public!!!
Only a small warning.....I think of anyone tries this technique, they should be sure their tetanus shot is current!! LOL!!

Yep...I'm weaving metal. Rusty metal at that! Things were going a bit slow until I discovered that I could us a popsicle stick as a shuttle! Went much faster after that!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Finally completed this 12"X12" piece for one of the internet art quilt groups I am part of.  The challenge theme was DREAMS. Had a bit of a think because the things I dream of are mostly very difficult to express in a tangible form. However, one morning over coffee with my husband, he mentioned the topic which immediately struck a chord with me and I KNEW I had my DREAM art quilt. 

One of my great joys was riding my motorcycle with my husband and often groups of friends who ride.  Off we would go on the open road hunting down beautiful back roads to explore.  A few years ago, due to circumstance beyond my control, I had to sell my "baby". It is something that is difficult for me especially every spring when up here in the frozen tundra we finally have nice weather and the bikes are out in droves!......but I'm not with them. I miss riding more that words can say but any rider would understand. My dream is one day to have a bike and take off on the open road once again. Hence the title of this piece: OPEN ROAD.  This is my view from my bike on the open road with hills and lakes and beautiful sky....

12" X 12"
raw edge applique, embroidery

Saturday, July 7, 2012

And now for something a little different

While working away on a couple of art quilts (one of which will be posted tomorrow) I took a break and did several watercolor and ink. These are ATC size (2.5" X 3.5") and are inspired by several of my favorite photos I took of doors and windows and the bridge.

Crooked Little House
This little house used to sit at a local nursery. I'm glad I got the photo because it is no longer there.

Weathered Shed
This is a shed on a farm not far from where I live.

Missing Door
From a trip to Texas several years ago. In a very small town there was this very old shell of a building with several missing doors and windows.

Stone Arch Bridge
A landmark in Minneapolis its curved arches cross the Mississippi. Now a footbridge.

This is a new medium for me and I have to say...I'm begining to really enjoy it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Works are in Progress

Ok I have several works currently that are in process but since a few of them will be completed by next week, I'll just wait until they are done to post about them. But there is one that will be more of a long term project so I will post progress on it periodically.

Wil, my friend from the Netherlands, is currently here and we are playing daily in the studio. And planning handwork to do while watching evening TV.  One project is a shibori embroidery piece. Started with a piece of shibori that I already had and now am doing the hand embroidery to make it something totally different.  Now I can't tell you just what it will be like in the end because I'm just letting it develop as it pleases one step at a time. 

Step one is to embroider around one of the shibori circles.  This is how it looks after three evenings (told you it would be a long running ordeal!!) Here are the photos.

The Whole Piece

And a close up

Hope to have at least one other piece to post tomorrow for another project!!