Thursday, July 5, 2012

Works are in Progress

Ok I have several works currently that are in process but since a few of them will be completed by next week, I'll just wait until they are done to post about them. But there is one that will be more of a long term project so I will post progress on it periodically.

Wil, my friend from the Netherlands, is currently here and we are playing daily in the studio. And planning handwork to do while watching evening TV.  One project is a shibori embroidery piece. Started with a piece of shibori that I already had and now am doing the hand embroidery to make it something totally different.  Now I can't tell you just what it will be like in the end because I'm just letting it develop as it pleases one step at a time. 

Step one is to embroider around one of the shibori circles.  This is how it looks after three evenings (told you it would be a long running ordeal!!) Here are the photos.

The Whole Piece

And a close up

Hope to have at least one other piece to post tomorrow for another project!!

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Cobi said...

what a fun idea. and I love your embroidery. say hi to Wil from me. enjoy your time together.