Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Back in the Game

Nothing to show today. Just recording my plan (hopefully to keep me accountable!) I have decided to do at least the next quilt in the series "Time Pieces". It is going to be titled "Time is Money" I'll keep you up on the progress as it goes along. I am just now dyeing the background piece and gathering some items for the theme. Those of you who know me, know I have LOTS of watch parts to use!! I'm so looking forward to the process!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Past Revisited - 1

Some of my art pieces were completed before I started this blog and I wanted to have them here with all their "new friends". So, I've decided once in a while I will post pictures of my past pieces here.

The first to revisit is "It's About Time" It is the first in a series called "Time Pieces" (someday I hope to have the series in a gallery - hey, might as well hope BIG....hoping is free!!) The idea for the series began when I noticed that SO many of my comments (good or discouraging) revolved about time - mostly the lack of it. I began to think about all the ways time plays a part in my life. I started to look at the way I viewed time and came across some quotes about time that I really responded to. Oh, and as you will see..............I collected a TON of watch parts!!!

It's About Time
17" X 19"

The whole quilt is about time. I took several of my favorite quotes about time and transfered them to fabric. Some are placed inside pocket watch parts, others are just on the quilt and one is around the circumference of a "clock". I used watch springs, gears, faces, etc. and even Scrabble tiles to spell TIME. All fabric is my own handdyes along with a discharge piece, some cheesecloth, Angelina, stamping and some satin ribbon. I also added in some ephemeria from an old watch shop (a bill and some parts envelopes)

It's About Time (detail)

This is the left center of the piece. Quotes in pocket watch covers, watch and clock faces, watch springs, parts envelopes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ok, only one letter for today. Well, actually it was supposed to be on yesterday's post but after I had them all ready I noticed that the "J" was backwards!!! Time to regroup!! Took the evening off and corrected the problem today.

The Letter J

I love to add jewelry bits to my art. I have all kinds of little jewelry parts and pieces. This letter is made from two earrings I used to wear that no longer had mates so found their way to my studio stash. The curley one I "uncurled" and the inside one is a hoop that I stretched.

I think I'll be taking a few days off from the need for anymore backward letters I'm thinking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alphabet continued

Trying a little different format to see if I can't figure out how to keep Blogger from putting text wherever it feels like it!!

The Letter H

A friend sent me several pieces of GORGEOUS handmade paper. Figured that would be perfect for this project. It was white to begin with so I just took some watercolor and colorwashed it. Then cut it out and stitched it on.

The Letter I

The letter is cut from a piece of indigo I had from a shibori symposium here in Minneapolis last year. Cut it out and satinstitched it down. It is a good memory of great fun and learning with great friends.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Alphabet

Another day in the studio.........awesome!!! It's been a while and I have truly missed it! Today I continued on with some of my alphabet challenge.....E - G.

The Letter E
I have used the machine embroidery stitches on several projects from the past years. I felt it was appropriate for the letter E. I used a light blue thread for this piece.

The Letter F
One of my favorite techniques. Foiling. I used the iridescent foil because it has some opalessence of purple and blues in it.

The Letter G
This is a Glittered chiffon I have used on several other projects and had a couple of little bits left over. I had interfacing behind the black fabric and placed the letter template over the glittered chiffon and stitched it with a very small stitch. Tore off the paper and trimmed the letter.

This is getting addicting!!!!! Oh well, at least it only has 26 letters in all so I'll have to quit at that point!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Alphabet Challenge

A friend issued me a challenge she is participating in with one of her groups. While I'm not in the group, it was something that sounded like fun to do together. No deadlines (for me anyway!)

The concept - Make a piece for each letter of the alphabet. The technique, tool, or fabric should represent the letter of the alphabet. For example - The letter A - Angelina. You'll see as I go along just how it works. I have a list already for many of the letters but I have left some for later inspiration! (Translation: I have no idea yet what to use for them!)
I searched the internet and chose a Celtic version for my alphabet. So, with no further ado........Let's begin! (Strains of "Let's start at the very beginning. That's a very good place to start" just ran through my head!) I am aiming to use shades of blue, purple and periwinkle...unless the technique or whatever doesn't lend itself to that. The background will be black. I'm going for a medium-high contrast.

The Letter A

This is several layers of a pearl periwinkle angelina. Then I cut out the letter A and stitched it to the fabric.

The Letter B
A couple of years ago in a Michael's clearance bin I found several jars of seed beads mixed with white glue. You spread the mixture onto a surface and when the glue dries clear all you have showing are the beads. I first used the Crystal white beads and then some Violet beads to keep with the color scheme.

The Letter C
I used Jacquard Dyna-Flow paints to tint the cheesecloth a periwinkle color. Then I folded it several times and with interfacing on the back of the black fabric I placed a copy of the letter on top of the folded cheesecloth and stitched it down. Then tore away the paper and trimmed the cheesecloth.

The Letter D

At a group retreat in Montana, my friend and I were finding several interesting items on E-Bay. One of these items was dentalium named I'm sure because they look like small very pointy teeth! I attached them to the black fabric with E-6000.

That's it so far. Now on to the rest of the alphabet!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Metal on Fiber

Gee but it's great to be back. Too long without getting to do something creative is stifling. Thankfully a friend of mine sacrificed a whole day to come out and help me clean and re-organize my studio. Now that I again know where stuff is -- I had a blast on this Surfacing swap! I feel like a new woman. My studio is my sanctuary!

The concept - putting metal on fiber.

I love the way metallics play off of black so I chose several pieces I had from a class I took a couple of summers ago where we painted with Jacquard Lumiere on fabric. I really loved the images from the various techniques we learned and have kept the pieces for just the right project. Well, this is it! The descriptions of techniques and metals are below each picture.
All are done on black Kona fabric with Lumiere paints and are 4" X 6" in size. They are all stitched onto a stiff backing with Gutterman thread.


Black Kona painted with Violet Pearl Lumiere. Gold Mesh "ribbon" stretched and stitched onto the card with brushed gold metal thread.


A mix of bronze and gold Lumiere on black Kona stamped with a cut up foam piece. Gold metallic "ribbon" diagonally with a piece of a black leather purse with metal studs and a metal zipper. (my friend left it for me to put in a garage sale or something -- I think I found a better use for it!) Stitching was done with brushed gold metal thread.


A monoprinting with violet and bronze and gold Lumiere on black Kona. There two pieces of metal "captured" under bronze sequin waste. The metal pieces small tubes I found at our local Ax Man surplus store (gotta LOVE that store). I cut them open and "painted them with Adirondack inks.


Black Kona again stamped with an aqua and gold Lumiere paint using bubble wrap as the stamp. I cut open a pop can and cut a rectangle from it and folded in like an accordion. Then I squirted Adirondack inks in the valleys and on the ridges (hills) and let them mingle as they would. It is stitched with metal thread onto a "nest" of steel wool which was also dribbled with Adirondack inks. You can't see it much from this photo but the accordion folds are still 3 dimensional.


I chose this piece of fabric because I made these on April 30th - the first birthday for my twin grandchildren! The black Kona is painted with an aqua Lumiere paint applied with a brayer over a ginkgo texture plate. I wanted silver with this one so I found one of the antique chains I have accumulated and sewed it on with a zigzag stitch with silver metallic thread. The circle is a jewelry piece I bought at a local craft store last summer. I adhered it to the piece with E6000 adhesive.

That's it for now but I am hoping this will be just the first in more regular posts.