Friday, May 8, 2009

Alphabet Challenge

A friend issued me a challenge she is participating in with one of her groups. While I'm not in the group, it was something that sounded like fun to do together. No deadlines (for me anyway!)

The concept - Make a piece for each letter of the alphabet. The technique, tool, or fabric should represent the letter of the alphabet. For example - The letter A - Angelina. You'll see as I go along just how it works. I have a list already for many of the letters but I have left some for later inspiration! (Translation: I have no idea yet what to use for them!)
I searched the internet and chose a Celtic version for my alphabet. So, with no further ado........Let's begin! (Strains of "Let's start at the very beginning. That's a very good place to start" just ran through my head!) I am aiming to use shades of blue, purple and periwinkle...unless the technique or whatever doesn't lend itself to that. The background will be black. I'm going for a medium-high contrast.

The Letter A

This is several layers of a pearl periwinkle angelina. Then I cut out the letter A and stitched it to the fabric.

The Letter B
A couple of years ago in a Michael's clearance bin I found several jars of seed beads mixed with white glue. You spread the mixture onto a surface and when the glue dries clear all you have showing are the beads. I first used the Crystal white beads and then some Violet beads to keep with the color scheme.

The Letter C
I used Jacquard Dyna-Flow paints to tint the cheesecloth a periwinkle color. Then I folded it several times and with interfacing on the back of the black fabric I placed a copy of the letter on top of the folded cheesecloth and stitched it down. Then tore away the paper and trimmed the cheesecloth.

The Letter D

At a group retreat in Montana, my friend and I were finding several interesting items on E-Bay. One of these items was dentalium named I'm sure because they look like small very pointy teeth! I attached them to the black fabric with E-6000.

That's it so far. Now on to the rest of the alphabet!!

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