Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Alphabet

Another day in the studio.........awesome!!! It's been a while and I have truly missed it! Today I continued on with some of my alphabet challenge.....E - G.

The Letter E
I have used the machine embroidery stitches on several projects from the past years. I felt it was appropriate for the letter E. I used a light blue thread for this piece.

The Letter F
One of my favorite techniques. Foiling. I used the iridescent foil because it has some opalessence of purple and blues in it.

The Letter G
This is a Glittered chiffon I have used on several other projects and had a couple of little bits left over. I had interfacing behind the black fabric and placed the letter template over the glittered chiffon and stitched it with a very small stitch. Tore off the paper and trimmed the letter.

This is getting addicting!!!!! Oh well, at least it only has 26 letters in all so I'll have to quit at that point!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

I love the foil!

Judi said...

That's a great challenge makes you really stop and think.