Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Class - Lino Cutting and Printing

Wow! Another class. It's been WAY too long! I am taking a class in cutting and printing lino taught by Dijanne Cevaal. So far I've finished lesson one and will download lesson two today.

First, here is the sampler I guess you could call it. It was great to see how each blade worked and what could be done with it. As you can see.....I perhaps took the term "gouge" a bit too literally in a couple of places!!! Oh and the red on this is NOT my blood, just some red paint that got on it.

Then I found a piece of "not exactly my favorite" hand dyed in this case. Took yellow cream acrylic paint and applied it to the lino and then pressed it on the fabric.

Part two was to do a leaf in positive and negative. I found a great line drawing of a sycamore leaf that I liked so I used that design. The negative is on the left and the positive (which is a bit more difficult to see) is on the right.
Then printed it on the same green fabric but this time with red paint. Obviously, the positive print is on the right and the negative print on the left.
OK, so now onto lesson TWO!!!