Monday, December 26, 2011

My Labor of Love

It is finally finished.  A dear friend of mine died in August. Her family allowed me the HUGE privilege of making two baby quilts and a quilt for her husband out of her favorite clothes.  At first I thought it would be so easy because it was just squares of fabric.  However, it got more complicated (and some of the complication I added on myself) because there were big variances in the thickness of the pieces and I also wanted to include as much texture and defining bits as possible....just to make it more recognizable. I also left 4 operational pockets in case he wanted to put a treasure in there or something. Then when I began quilting it (it is 60" X 72") I decided to take a bit of artistic license and quilt into some of the pieces things that reminded me of her, things that meant something to her. While it was difficult at times, I so enjoyed "spending that time with a close friend".  And I was able to complete it in time for him to have it for Christmas - their first without her. Those of us who have lost close family know how difficult a time that can be. I hoped this would be like a big hug for them, wrapped in memories of her.

So here it is - along with a couple of detail photos:

Now on to the two baby quilts! I think they will seem easy after this one. But what a thrill to think of them cuddled up in the "hugs" of their grandmother someday!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Just Checking In

I'm still hard at work on the three quilts I'm making for my friend's family. However, in  my continuing quest to bring you amazing works of art from other wonderful artists I am passing along this link. Worth your time to check out!