Saturday, June 7, 2014

As it first piece off my new easel!! It is made for a dear friend of mine. She will know what all it means. I haven't given it to her as yet. I hope she likes it.


It is a piece which a lot of meaning but I don't want to spoil the surprise for her...although I'm not sure if she even reads my blog!  She gave me very wise counsel in a time of great confusion and helped me deal with some very difficult issues. She's an amazing woman and I'm blessed to know her.

Anyway, I told you I would show you the finished piece and here it is!!

Another canvas is already on the easel so there will me more to come!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Back In The Studio

The first week in April until now I have had a physical issue that has basically kept me out of the studio, at least creatively. I did check e-mails on occasion. But yesterday, even though the last vestiges of the physical issue are still a problem, everything changed.

Those of you who are artists probably know what I'm talking about. Yesterday I felt driven to get back to the studio. It was an actual physical, gut level, tangible feeling!! Like hunger pangs are physical. It felt like I would burst if I didn't get out here today and begin something creative. And here I am.

The first order of creative business was to assembly my new easel!! Yep, since so much of my work now involves painted canvases, I was thrilled to find this adjustable easel for an amazing price a few months ago. This morning my husband helped me assemble it and I will be pulling out the paints the minute after I publish this post!!

I know I have a number of series pieces that are running behind schedule but I feel the need to do something not "required" of me....something a bit simple but it is important. It is a piece that "came to me" recently and I'm so excited to get it started!!

Here's my new toy!! (the little table beside it is for my brushes, paints, palettes, etc.) I'll keep you posted on the new piece as it progresses. It feels SOOOOOOO great to be back in my creative environment and have the energy to actually make art!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Three Days of Pounded Fabric

Starting today, I'll be spending three days explaining and demonstrating the technique for making pounded fabric.  It's fun and rather easy but the results are wonderful.

Drop by at the And Then We Set It On Fire blog and follow along! Here's a picture of all you will need to have to do this technique:

See ya there!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My April Show - Granite Area Arts Council

In January I was contacted by the Granite Area Arts Council about having a show in 2015. However, shortly after that, they asked if I could be available in April because they had a cancellation. Not a problem!!

We installed everything on April 3rd and it was ready for the Opening Reception on April 4th.  Here are a few photos from the Opening Reception.

K. K. Berge Gallery
Granite Area Arts Council
Granite Falls, Minnesota
April 4 - 29, 2014


The gallery is on the river. I'm so glad they included some beautiful views out of the windows!

And, of course, some wonderful wine!
The plates were even purple!

I have a journal I am using as my own guest book at my shows. The pages are already painted and marked. I ask people to sign their name and draw a picture or make some kind of mark in the book. I love the collection of names and art I find after the show is over.

I now have signed and numbered prints of some of my pieces available for purchase at the shows. It is a bit of an experiment.  We'll see how it works out.

It was a wonderful weekend...met some amazing people...drove through some beautiful countryside. Thank you to all the Granite Area Arts Council for inviting me and making me so welcomed!

One last thing. I found out that locally they have an Art Meander in October. If you are anywhere near there, it would be worth checking out.  I'm planning to go so I'll be posting about it later as well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

London Show 2014 - A Quick Look

Six of my pieces for the theme "Who Am I?" (the same that were in the Veldhoven show in October 2013) were in a show with our group just this past weekend.  Alas...I was unable to attend in person but one of our group took the following photos. (Thanks Gillian!)

The Festival of Textile Art

Here is the group exhibition 
(my six are just about in the center of this photo)

Another view

Here is a cropped view of just my pieces

Now these pieces will be coming home in June. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Opening Another Show!

As some of you know, one of my goals for 2014 was a solo show of my art.  That happened in January.

Near the end of the month I was contacted by the Granite Area Arts Council to see if I would be interested in a show for 2015.  My answer???? ummmm YES!!  Then when we talked shortly after that, they asked if I could be ready for the show for April.  They had a cancellation.  My answer???? ummmm YES again.  So, with short notice, I'm headed off to Granite Falls, MN next week!

We will be installing the show April 3rd.
Opening Reception April 4th

Then I'm hanging out at the gallery for some of Saturday at their request.  Sounds like fun to me!  I'm really excited to have TWO solo shows and the first half of this year! Now I have to come up with some new goal for the last half of the year.  Probably something like completing a couple of the series I have in process.....THAT might be a good idea!

Anyway, here is the announcement of the show.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Little Crooked House

This month the theme for one of my groups was Contrast.  My mind goes first to the B/W I love but I wanted to stretch a bit more and not be too predictable. Lots of ideas and lots of thinking.  Finally decided on contrasting Color with the B/W. Figured I would design a cute house as the main bit. Remembered my favorite photo of a Crooked Little House and thought that would make a great inspiration for this theme.  I made the little house in B/W and then on with Colors (there is also a contrast in using the pastels for the backboards of the house and brights for the boards in front).  Here is one of the little crooked houses in contrast.  BONUS!! I also have another one!!! It is still on the design wall ready to be completed later today I  hope. This one still needs the binding as well.  Busy busy later today!!!

Crooked Little House in Contrast

Here are the two pieces before cutting them and stitching/quilting them mixed up.I just feel like there will be another one made and kept as the B/ is just too cute!

I'm linking this to Nina Marie's Off The Wall Friday