Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three Done and Dusted - One To Go

I have completed the third piece for the Voyage Group theme entitled "Abstracted Earth"

This is a piece for my series in this theme entitled "Forces of  Nature".  It is an iceberg with the largest portion below the water. The title of this piece is "Danger Below". As usual, all these are my own hand-dyed and surface designed fabrics. The one exception is the top layer of the iceberg which is above the water. That is a loosely and randomly woven piece of fabric from a friend. I think it makes the perfect iceberg top!


The fourth and final piece for this year for Voyage has been started. The plan is to have it ready before I leave for Duluth for the Minnesota Quilters Association Annual Quilt Show 2015.  More about that later!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Final Act? snowed a bit. Just a dusting really. Only about an inch. BUT...I grabbed the shovel and managed to scrape up enough to do a couple of 1-yard pieces!! It took all the snow on the front patio but I did it!

And I think it was so very worth it. This time I did both pieces dry and not soaked in soda ash. I sprinkled on the soda ash with the dye powder in between the two layers of snow.

Piece one - I grabbed the 1 yard piece and tied a knot in the middle, then in the middle of the remaining ends and finally I tied the loose ends together

Piece two - I folded the lengthwise piece in half then both sides in half again...accordion style. Put a long rubber band around it just to hold it in place.



Is this snow dyeing adventure over here in the frozen tundra? One never knows!!! 

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Snow Snow Gone Away

Won't come back another day.....any time soon perhaps. BUT...this is March in the Frozen Tundra so one just never knows for sure. Could still have a foot one morning. It IS cooling off a bit near the end of the week.........

But just in case this was the last for this season, I scraped up all I could and did my last (perhaps) snow dyeing for a while (unless I purchase a snow cone machine! HA - inside joke!)

I have fallen in love with snow dyeing using dye powder instead of dye solution. I manipulated these fabrics different ways just to see what happened. All fabric was pre-soaked in soda ash, manipulated, placed in a container, covered in snow, sprinkled with dye powders, more snow and left to batch in the studio overnight.

Piece 1 I just put the damp fabric on the floor, grabbed the middle and twisted it still on the floor

Piece 2 I just crumpled like usual

Dyes for this pair - Intense Blue, Caymen Island Green and Pewter



Piece 3 I did an "informal" accordion gathering, pulling it together at one end just walking my fingers down the edge, then grabbing the fabric and pulling my hand down to "pleat" it. Folded it in half and put it in the container

Piece 4 I did the same "informal" accordion gathering but afterwards twisted the "pleated" fabric, made a figure 8 and placed it in the container.

Dyes for this pair - Victorian Blue, Better Blue Green and Pewter



OK so now I just might be the only person in the Frozen Tundra praying for MORE SNOW!!!!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fire In The Desert and Over the Edge

Completed my second piece for Voyage 2015 last night!! And I love it! Sorry...but I really do like how it turned out! Both of these pieces are made with my own hand dyed and surface designed fabrics and created with raw edge applique.

My series for the 2015 Voyage Theme of Abstracted Nature is "Forces of Nature". My first piece was "Over the Edge" - the lava flow.

And the second piece I just finished last night is "Fire in the Desert" - lightening 

My two remaining pieces to complete are "Danger Below" - iceberg and "Winds of Change" - hurricane. I can hardly wait to start the next one!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Frosty The Recycled Snowman I never actually BUILT a snowman but if I had....this is where he would have ended up!

I so loved the results of snow dyeing with soy was resist I just HAD to do it again! This time I did an experiment with the soda ash. One piece was pre-soaked in soda ash and the second piece was just PFD right off the bolt. On that piece I sprinkled the soda ash on along with the dye powder.

The procion dyes I used were Victorian Blue, Turkey Red, Smoky Grey and some Pewter

And here are the fun results. I used my new favorite resist empty tea tin!!!

Piece One - Pre-soaked fabric, snow, dye powder, more snow

Piece Two - Non-soaked fabric, snow, dye powder, soda ash, more snow

One think I noticed is that the colors mixed more with the pre-soaked fabric and kept their distance a bit more with the sprinkled piece. I love them both....just depends on what look you are going for!

I'm linking this to Nina Marie's Off The Wall Friday. Stop by and see what many amazing artists are up to!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Ice Dye Cometh

Oh what wonderful things can be done with ice!! This experiment today with ice dyeing is done with Soy Wax resist. And....since I ran out of ice...other pieces are done with snow (which I'm not running out of) and Soy Wax resist.

First was to choose the items to use for applying the soy wax. I love to use things meant to be for other things.  This session I chose:

A potato masher

A computer part (something about a fan cover or something) Also just dabbed some spots on the edges with an old paint brush.

A small wire brush along with the computer circle part in the center

A metal can that used to be filled with loose tea

And finally, the tea can along with the computer circle part

I prepared the containers by putting grates or small cups or whatever would raise the fabric up so that it would not sit in a pool of melted ice. Then I scrunched the fabrics a bit and placed them on top of the raisers.

The piece using the circular computer part and the dabs of wax with a paint brush I crunched and put ice cubes to cover it. The rest were covered with snow at this point. All were then sprinkled with dye powder and then a layer of snow was added to keep the dye powder wet.

Then it was just a matter of waiting until the ice/snow melted. I always plan at least overnight for this process. My studio is warm enough to handle that or sometimes I place it in my batching closet where it is usually about 70 degrees F. 

The final parts are to rinse, wash and iron.  Then to see the wonderful results.....

Computer circles and paint brush dabs with Brushed Steel dye

The small wire brush with the computer circle and also the potato masher
with Turkey Red dye

The tea can and the tea can with computer circles with Victorian Blue dye

I so totally LOVE these results. You can be assured there will be more soy wax resist snow/ice dyeing in the coming days!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

It Came From Outer Space!!

No...not really. It just looks kinda like it might have!

Believe it or not...this is a THREE yard piece of fabric before all the rubber bands! In the end it was more like 1 1/2 to 2 feet! OK...don't ask me how many hours it took or how many rubber bands. I have no idea. The answer would be more like "A lot of both!" I actually lost count.

Anyway, this piece had originally been white PFD which I had dyed Cayman Island Green using yogurt cups. But either not enough dye powder or it was too light a color but it came out quite boring and not texture at all.  So...time for another treatment.

I can tell you that it took several nights watching TV to get all these rubber bands in. When it was finally done, it looks like some demented catepillar!

Then I put it on a screen grid in a large plastic container and covered it with snow. Then sprinkled dye powder (Golden Brown) It slept in the batching closet overnight and the next day....after much wringing out and rinsing and washing...this is the result. There are two photos. Even on my design wall I could only do half of it at a these are the two parts.

Not sure yet what it will be but it has potential. The bottom photo kinda makes me think of a cobblestone patio or something. Fun in the snow again!!