Friday, March 13, 2015

Snow Snow Gone Away

Won't come back another day.....any time soon perhaps. BUT...this is March in the Frozen Tundra so one just never knows for sure. Could still have a foot one morning. It IS cooling off a bit near the end of the week.........

But just in case this was the last for this season, I scraped up all I could and did my last (perhaps) snow dyeing for a while (unless I purchase a snow cone machine! HA - inside joke!)

I have fallen in love with snow dyeing using dye powder instead of dye solution. I manipulated these fabrics different ways just to see what happened. All fabric was pre-soaked in soda ash, manipulated, placed in a container, covered in snow, sprinkled with dye powders, more snow and left to batch in the studio overnight.

Piece 1 I just put the damp fabric on the floor, grabbed the middle and twisted it still on the floor

Piece 2 I just crumpled like usual

Dyes for this pair - Intense Blue, Caymen Island Green and Pewter



Piece 3 I did an "informal" accordion gathering, pulling it together at one end just walking my fingers down the edge, then grabbing the fabric and pulling my hand down to "pleat" it. Folded it in half and put it in the container

Piece 4 I did the same "informal" accordion gathering but afterwards twisted the "pleated" fabric, made a figure 8 and placed it in the container.

Dyes for this pair - Victorian Blue, Better Blue Green and Pewter



OK so now I just might be the only person in the Frozen Tundra praying for MORE SNOW!!!!

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Hilary Florence said...

Absolutely gorgeous results. Makes me want to try at once. Where are you, north Canada? I'm south UK - 10 minutes of snow flakes that didn't stay so far this year. Don't think I'll be doing much snow dyeing here. Now what are you going to make with these wonderful creations?

Vera Holmgren said...

Really lovely! I've tried some icedying a year ago in the summer with an excellent result.

Kelly L Hendrickson said...

Hilary - I live in Minnesota and would usually still be in snow boots but not this year! The spiral one seems to want to be a whole cloth piece. The bottom of PIECE 4 is definitely finding a home in the art quilt I'm working on of an iceberg both above and below water.The bottom part SOOOOO needs to be part of the underwater part of the iceberg!
Vera - With all the snow gone I will be buying up bags of ice at the local gas station. I love ice dyeing as well and enjoyed the results I got this February. Can hardly wait to do more!

Wil said...

Yes, I hear you :-))

Ann Scott said...

These are spectacular results!