Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I can hardly believe it has been so long since I posted here.  Life has taken some major course changes and quite a few curve balls have landed in my court.  One was....we moved to another state! After we arrived I began setting up my new studio. It was really scary because I could not find this piece anywhere! Only recently did I just happen upon it when searching for something else! OH HAPPY DAY!! Could I have started over...yes. But I very carefully picked the fabrics for the background on this one.  All that was already done. All I had left to do was the hurricane. It would have always been second best in my eyes because many of the original fabrics are one of a kind and no remnants are left! Whew - tragedy averted!!

So here it is. My fourth and final piece for Voyage 2015 - Abstracted Nature for which I chose the series theme of "Forces of Nature."  For this piece I chose several circular motifs from my won surfaced designed stash. Some are stamped, some are resists and some are sunprinted. I felt they provided the continuity of the circular motion of the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. As a native Texan...this is not a stretch for a concept in this series! The "land" fabric is a pounded fabric which I felt had the beautiful look of a topographic map.

The hurricanes are unstoppable and often seem to have a mind of their own. Just when we think we know
the direction they will take and where landfall will be...it can change and head along a totally different path. Sometimes that is for the better but other times that change can cause widespread destruction. This lack of predictability is why I chose the title "Winds of Change"


So now all four of the series are completed. Since it has been a while since I posted the previous three (which I had completed in March of 2015! - a great start interrupted) I thought it would be fun to post all four of them as a photo collage.

Over the Edge, Fire in the Desert, Danger Below, Winds of Change

Of course all this means I'm starting behind for 2016 but I think I'm up for the challenge!!


Anne said...

The remnants of the big US snowstorm are howling around my house as I write - it's reached the UK as wind and rain - so that helps my appreciation of this piece! Love it - the patterns and textures in the fabric so vividly suggest the chaos and power of the hurricane. The whole series is beautiful - I hope they're going to be exhibited together. Congratulations.

Wil said...

You're alive!!!! LOL Just kidding. Your quilt is lovely and together they form an excellent body of work. Well done!

Katrina said...

Glad to see this and to see you posting again. Great to see all 4 pieces together - fabulous work. :D

Ann Scott said...

I thought I posted here but don't see it so I'll try again (pretty sure I'm registered). Glad to hear you are okay and to see your wonderful art. I look forward to reading more of your upcoming news and seeing your fiber creations.

Kelly L Hendrickson said...

Thanks all of your for your encouraging comments! This is one of the most fun series I've done lately and I rather enjoy all of them.

Anne - yes the will all be exhibited together. They are on their way soon to Prague as part of an exhibit there with one of the international groups I participate with. Then they will be hurrying their way back to Minnesota for the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show as a special exhibit with that same group.

RCA said...

Each one a masterpiece! Beautiful work Kelly!