Friday, May 15, 2009

The Past Revisited - 1

Some of my art pieces were completed before I started this blog and I wanted to have them here with all their "new friends". So, I've decided once in a while I will post pictures of my past pieces here.

The first to revisit is "It's About Time" It is the first in a series called "Time Pieces" (someday I hope to have the series in a gallery - hey, might as well hope BIG....hoping is free!!) The idea for the series began when I noticed that SO many of my comments (good or discouraging) revolved about time - mostly the lack of it. I began to think about all the ways time plays a part in my life. I started to look at the way I viewed time and came across some quotes about time that I really responded to. Oh, and as you will see..............I collected a TON of watch parts!!!

It's About Time
17" X 19"

The whole quilt is about time. I took several of my favorite quotes about time and transfered them to fabric. Some are placed inside pocket watch parts, others are just on the quilt and one is around the circumference of a "clock". I used watch springs, gears, faces, etc. and even Scrabble tiles to spell TIME. All fabric is my own handdyes along with a discharge piece, some cheesecloth, Angelina, stamping and some satin ribbon. I also added in some ephemeria from an old watch shop (a bill and some parts envelopes)

It's About Time (detail)

This is the left center of the piece. Quotes in pocket watch covers, watch and clock faces, watch springs, parts envelopes.

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Carole said...

Kelly, I like your work and I can see what Annie was talking about!
I like this one on time...some are overdone, not this one.
I have been browsing around the last couple of days...
We sure look forward to having you on board!