Friday, February 4, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Day 14

Mirror, Mirror! I chose to consider the mirror in my mind instead of the physical mirror reflection. The mind image is the one that has more of an impact on my art.  Most days now I see the image of a colorful, playful, creative, imaginative, talented artist. But, there are still days when the "other" image creeps in. That image is pale, disjointed and dysfunctional. Boxed in by the long felt demand to be "perfect", to "perform". I have gotten better at ignoring her and brushing her to the side...but there are still times.....

I've recently been learning even more about the joy of just playing and letting art "happen".  It is so much more rewarding and enjoyable!! I am choosing to see more and more of the creative, playful side that I am beginning to recognize as the REAL me!

Mirror, Mirror - Knowing Who You Are

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Thelma said...

I really like this one and the concept of it. You are definately getting really good at this. I didn't post on the last two you done, they were good also. I just got lazy and just read from google and didn't click over here to leave you a message. Shame on me.