Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It is DONE!!! I was beginning to believe this day would NEVER arrive!  ALL my canal houses are completed and ready to put in a box and mail to the Netherlands tomorrow!!!  It's been a HUGE project and a fun one.  But at this moment in time...I'm very glad they are finished!

Now the go off to Wil and she will swap out all the houses and send us back at least one of our own and the rest from the other Fractured Architecture group!  I can hardly wait now to see what I get in return mail!  Probably after the holidays however. 

So, without further ado..........

Here is the whole row of houses. Each house is separate. I just put them really close together so you could see how they would look.

Group 1 - the first four houses

Group 1 - the next three houses (These three houses are the ones on the bridge)
Group 3 - the last three houses
Now...I'm off to a VERY blissfull night's sleep!!!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

They are looking great Kelly!!

Thelma said...

Awesome houses Kelly! Can't wait to see the embellishments you put in the envelopes. Sure hope everyone will post the story of the house they receive when they get it finished.

Dahn said...

These look so good Kelly! Nice job. And the titles are great--I wish I would have thought of that too! :-)