Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Journal Pages

Took some play time today to work on some journal pages. And studio is not clean/organized yet....and the prospects are looking pretty bleak.  No sooner do I get a space cleared off and I find some fun thing to do which messes it all up again.  Maybe now that I have at least a path to all the important places in my studio I should call it done!

One of the groups I play in had a list of prompts for this week.  Three of them fell into place almost right away.....Night/Day, Song, Lyrics.  The main sheet music is of the song Night and Day.  The background goes from Midnight Blue to Sky Mist. The songs titles on the left side have to do with NIGHT....We're Tenting Tonight, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear and Silent Night.  On the right side are all the song titles that have to do with DAY....Morning Comes Early, O Happy Day and Some Day.  Most of the music is from a lot of very old music I got from my mother-in-laws piano bench. Then I chose to journal in the spaces of the Night and Day sheet music.

This one started out because I wanted to try out the Peeling Paint technique (oh and do I ever love it!!). I liked the time-worn aspect of it. And I happened to have stamped watches in the background of it. So, as I'm scurrying around trying to get so many things done before a friend comes to visit, and so many other things that seem to have looming deadlines, I decided Time Flies was an appropriate title and theme for this page. 


Wil Opio Oguta said...

Hah, no way you can get done everything you want before I arrive. Forget it :-))

soulbrush said...

Howdy friend,I found you on Traci's blog...and am thrilled to connect to you in bloggyland, so am going to add you to my favs right now. (Joss)

Kelly said...

Hi Joss!!! Thanks for dropping by. Hope to hear from you often!

Wil - hey...a girl can dream, right? And some dreams just go up in smoke...... LOL!