Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Junk Junkie

OK...I teased you with the previous post (Can this be art....AND art quilting??).  Here is the result and is an art quilt!!

Again for one of the online groups I participate with - the theme for this year is WHO I AM - Like everyone, I'm quite a few "things". But one for sure is a Junk Junkie. I dumpster dive if I see something that catches my eye, pick up free things off the side of the road, LOVE Freecycle, thrift stores....that about says it. My poor long-suffering husband is at last used to piles of what seems to most people as useless stuff. Both he and my 4 year old granddaughter don't throw anything away unless they ask me first if I need it for an art project. I'm not altogether sure why old junk appeals to me and helps define what kind of person I am or at least what interests me. Probably a bit of the same reason I love falling down buildings. It's like I feel a sense of history and presence from another time. I try to imagine to whom it belonged in the past. Was it loved and cared for or just a utilitarian piece. I have a pile of rusted junk on the side of my house that I'm sure my neighbors question but if they could see this piece they just might understand.

I rusted white cotton fabric and then dyed it a bit with some cerulean blue procion dye. The large border/binding is a hand-dyed cotton of very close to the same blue. Both are from my stash. I wove rusted wire, including various rusty bits and pieces as I went along. Rusted some cotton heavy duty thread to attach the weavings to the quilt. The piece is 10" X 20".

JUNK  JUNKIE - detail

I have to say this was a very interesting quilt to make. Metal weaving is a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated but I do have to was worth it!!


Helen Conway said...

The rusted fabric is beautful and the metal weaving reminds me of music staves with notes of various values.

Karol Kusmaul said...

Hi Kelly,
I am a 'junkie' also. Addicted to thrift stores. Most of my recent work is made exclusively from repurposed clothing. I'm struggling a bit with the challenge of blogs, etc. but hoping to get it together and set some goals for this year.

Inverness, FL

Kelly said...

Helen - Hadn't seen that until you mentioned it! Way cool to see it from another perspective!

Karol - Gotta love the thrift stores, huh! Always seems to be some little treasure or something that just HAS to come home with me. Glad to meet a kindred spirit!