Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Creativity - Week 4 - Confetti Dyeing

Ok, you just gotta try something that says "confetti" right? This is just one of the options for this process.

My original purpose was to obtain a background for a new art piece I'm working on.  Alas....neither of these new fabrics will work.  On to plan B for that project.

Stil...I do love the fabrics and KNOW they will find their way into my art and probably soon.

Here's the process

Soak fabric in soda ash
Place wet fabric in a flat container (so you can spread it out but it doesn't need to be totally flat)
Sprinkle dry dye powder onto the fabric (I used a mesh tea ball for this and it worked really well! takes a light hand)
Scrunch the fabric up a bit more
Spray with a mix of water and soda ash (I just used liquid from the water/soda ash which I soaked the fabric in)
Let it batch for a few hours at least
Rinse, wash, dry, iron

And here are the results:
Confetti Dyeing - 1
This piece of fabric I left at the full 40" long

Confetti Dyeing - 1 - detail

This piece was way to dark so I thought I could try for a bit lighter the next time. Used a good bit less dye powder
Unfortunately, it is still too dark for what I need.  But, especially in the detail shot, you can tell why it is called "confetti" dyeing! The dye powders do separate into their component colors

Confetti Dyeing - 2

Confetti Dyeing - 2 - detail

I used white cotton PFD, Dyes (Ecru, Straw, Hollandaise, Bronze and Pewter)


Wil Opio Oguta said...

That was quick! I tried this in combination with ice cubes in a wide vase, results were not great.

Kelly said...

And that is the great thing about "I wonder what would happen if...." Even the "not so great" results are something learned. And it can always be overdyed, stamped, cut up and started over.... Nothing is ever wasted either in learning or in use.

Dahn said...

I never knew this was called Confetti Dyeing. I love the idea of using a tea ball thingie.. I have used old salt shakers cause they have really little holes for some reason.