Saturday, January 5, 2013

Productive Day

Just checked on my ToDo/Done list and it has been a very productive day!!

Block printed 3 wolves, 3 apples, 3 rice 
Cleaned off Island 
Prepped Brown Snow-dyes 
Cut muslin for an upcoming art piece
Decided on images for that piece
Cut muslin for Pecans – Sapling and marked off boundaries 
Chose concept for SAQA Text Speak 
Set Snow-dyes for batching 
Evaluated Show/Exhibit CFE schedule 
Stitched first piece to Up Close and Personal 
Overdyed green experimental piece 

Blogged and blogged and blogged

Here is my latest on the Minneapolis Manhole Cover Project which is one of my three series I'm working on this year.

Block cutting completed on Wolf

Background fabric (a snow-dyed piece made especially for this project. Seemed appropriate for a Minnesota project!)

Wolf printed onto fabric with Speedball Block Printing Ink.

I use an oil base printing ink so Woflie has to dry overnight

While I had the ink all out and ready...I also printed the Apple and Rice manhole covers for this project and two other prints of all three of them for two other projects.  Now I'll be ahead on those!!


Wil said...

Whoaw, you have been busy today.

Beth said...

Great work and I love those manhole coveres. I also love your interpretation. A LOT of work!! Well worth it.

Kelly said...

Wil - I'm hoping this is what my "new" studio schedule will be like on a regular basis.

Beth - Thanks! I'm so anxious to get one completed so I can see if it will be worth all this work. If it turns out like I see it in my will be cool.