Thursday, March 21, 2013

More News!!

Received an e-mail this morning that my piece, "The Sapling" was accepted for Art on Main in Zumbrota, MN!!  The original art work had to be 12" X 22". Then, when accepted, it will be photographed and blown up to 24" X 44" vertical for banners to be placed on the lamp posts on Main Street in Zumbrota, MN!!

This is my first acceptance for Public Art!!

This is a very special piece for me. It became a kind of test/inspirational piece for my upcoming series "Pecans" that I'm doing in honor of my dad...who LOVED pecans and had planted his own orchard.  When he passed away, his ashes were buried under a HUGE pecan tree in what used to be their front yard.  While there for his memorial service, I took (with permission of the new owner) several twigs from that HUGE pecan tree and had thermofax screens made from them. Those are the screens I used for printing the "branches" for The Sapling.  The "trunk" is made from bark cloth from Africa (Thanks, Wil!!), a place my parents still held dear in their hearts after living there for a while.

So, Dad, this one is for you.....

Here is the piece that will be on Main Street -


All fabrics are my own hand-dyed and surfaced designed fabrics. (except for the painted silk in the ground. That was a gift from a friend Canada. Thanks, Maggie!) The dark brown strip through the ground is hand-dyed yarn from a company run by my neice, Faith, and her business partner, TactileDactyl Fiber Art. Be sure to check them out!! Their yarn is luscious! And yes...those are real pebbles.


Regina Dunn said...

The first feeling that came to my mind when I saw your photo of Sapling was "Pure". An appropriate word for the motivation behind it. And how nice that so many people will get to see the quilt and know of one aspect of your father even if they never met him.

Beth said...

How wonderful. I'm sure you dad had something to do with that quilt being accepted - count on it. What a tribute!!

Snoodles said...

Awesome piece, and what an inspiring and moving story....congratulations on your honor!

Kelly L Hendrickson said...

Oh thanks so much you guys!! As you can tell, this is a very special piece to me. And it is confirmation that my newest series, "Pecans" is on the right track. This piece will not be home again, it will be sold. But it is the precursor of the First piece in the I'm excited now to get that underway.