Monday, April 8, 2013

Goal Reached!!

Beginning this year of 2013, I set myself a goal to participate in 10 juried shows/exhibitions.  I was counting the show I was in for December 2012 just because that is when I really started to pursue this goal in earnest.

Well, yesterday I received a phone call that a gallery show wanted to accept a couple of my pieces.  THAT show brought the total count to TEN!!  I hadn't expected to reach this goal that soon but I am very excited that it has all worked out this way!  That doesn't mean that I won't be entering shows and exhibitions the rest of the year. But I do plan to cut back on such an aggressive plan of action. 

Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers, NY had a call for artists to enter their who entitled "Lost and Found in Yonkers". It is for artists working in Mixed Media, Assemblage and/or Collage, containing found materials.  Well...I obviously couldn't pass this one up!!  Below are the two pieces they accepted for their show.

"Rust and Found"

"It's About Time"

Now on to one of my other goals for my year of "Investment" in my art career.  I am working on three series to develop a body of work.  This is all with the goal in mind of having my first solo show in 2014.  Not having to concentrate so much on entering shows will free up time desperately needed to accomplish the next phase.

And again, I want to thank all of you who have been such a wonderful support and encouragement as I work toward my 2013 goals.  I appreciate all of you more than I can say. 


Wil said...

Congratulations!! Well done and so quick :-)

Regina Dunn said...

That was a huge goal and you did it! Celebrate!

Beth said...

Wow. That is amazing. You are a driven woman. Congratulations on all you have done and success in the year to come. You go girl!!