Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just When You Think......

Just when you think you have your life all figured out, real life happens!! So, that is where I've been....taking care of real life.  Things change, schedules adjust, lifestyles remold around whatever it takes to get things done.

But today...........

Today starts my adjusted schedule and I'm packing in as much art time as possible.

You remember "The Sapling"? It was the experimental piece for my series on Pecans.  The series was all planned out. In the meantime I discovered a different tweak on a technique and now the concept for Pecans is still the same but the execution of these pieces has changed.

Now the new journey begins.

As often happens with my work, the textiles will figure into it a good deal. So, my first job today was to get out the big container where I put all my "bits" for this project. Now all the textiles are sorted by color so I won't miss that jewel of a piece that will add just the right feel to the artwork.

Next came the auditioning of these textiles for the first bit to be included in "The Sapling" which will begin this series. (the strip in the foreground of the photo is the first bit)

There aren't words to express just how awesome it feels to be back to more concentrated time in my studio.


Judy Warner said...

I can so relate to your post! So glad you have found a way back to studio time!

Regina B Dunn said...

Glad you are back!