Thursday, February 12, 2015

2014 Voyage is one for the books!

yes....I said 2014. Ran a bit behind on this year for the international yahoo group Voyage, but it is all finally done. The theme for 2014 was EARTH. We were allowed to develop our interpretation of that theme as we wished. I decided to choose 6 beautiful places on earth that are natural creations. The title of my series is "Earth's Amazing Wonders"

Great Barrier Reef
(The reef is made with a new technique on sunprinted dupioni silk. The sea, sky and cloud are all my own hand dyed cottons, the surf is painted cheesecloth)

Giant Sequoias
Sequoia National Forest
California, USA
(The very distant trees are a b/w image transfer on silk organza, the middle range trees are from a commercial fabric wrapped in silk organza, the foreground trees are made with bark cloth. The undergrowth is my own hand dyed cottons scrunched and painted)

Ruby Falls
Chattanooga, Tennessee
(The large pink back wall and the side purple walls are sunprinted dupioni silk, the top of the back wall is two of my own hand dyed cottons. The waterfall is painted with Jaquard Lumiere and white acrylic and overstitched with an iridescent white Sulky thread. While the cavern walls are not actually purple, in several photos I saw of them they were up-lighted with different colors)

Blue Caves
Zaknythos, Greece
All of the fabrics are my own hand dyed cottons except the purple-ish water under the rocks and a turquoise piece in the front rock wall which are sunprinted dupioni silk. Each rock face was also painted with some rust on the far rock wall.)

Antelope Canyon 
Arizona, USA
(The walls of Antelope Canyon are actually these vibrant colors in the summer when beams of sunlight penetrate the canyon the most. Winter colors are a bit more subdued. This canyon is called "the place where water runs through rock" by the Navajo.)

Avenue of the Baobobs
(The sky is a commercial fabric but I chose it because it looked exactly like I wanted it to. I researched many baobob tree photos and the one that intrigued me was one where the trunk of the trees had a silver look. These tree trunks are a commercial satin fabric.The horizon green was quite a serendipity moment. It was cut from an impression on the very last piece of a certain breakdown screen print I have. I was sorry to see it go but it went out in style.I also used the cut out pieces of this for the bushes under the trees. The ground is one of my hand dyed cottons. The road is bark cloth and the leaves of the trees are thread lace. 

I and the 12 other Voyage artists for all over the globe will have all our EARTH pieces in a Special Exhibition for the Minnesota Quilters Association Quilt Show 2015 in Duluth in June! If you are there, please drop by and visit me at that exhibition!

So, that's it for now. The theme with Voyage for 2015 is Abstract Nature. I already have my inspiration images and the series of four pieces is titled "Forces of Nature" I have chosen an iceberg, lava flow, a hurricane and lightening


Regina B Dunn said...

These are really wonderful! Glad to see you back on the blog.

Kelly L Hendrickson said...

Yeh, me too. Life went a bit wonky but hopefully back on track. I sooooo missed working in my studio for extended periods.