Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This one should be really fun! The title of the card is "Change Your Limitations". It is kind of like cross-training I think. In other words, if you paint - try sculpting, if you are a writer - play with watercolors, etc. This concept is a little challenging for a mixed media artist because I work in so many different areas. I have been wracking my brain to think of something that is totally different. I have come down to 2 options. Not being a person who can draw very well, I could draw something (abstract might be the best way to go!) The second is writing - like a story or something. That is WAY outside my comfort zone!! I would love to try welding or sculpting but don't have the tools or the money to spend on something I might only do once. So, right now, writing is winning. I DO write my pages in the mornings and I do blog but writing a story would be very different I think. I LOVE the quote at the end of the card. I don't know if it is original with Lynn Gordon but I will give her the credit since it is on her card. I found it inspiring:

"Where creativity's concerned, the sky isn't the limit, it's the point of departure."

Oh, BTW......maybe not quite what last week was about but I decided to escape into something I haven't done is many many years. I made something wearable! (shhhhhhhh don't tell Alice H!) Seems I had not measured correctly on the backing fabric for DGD's quilt. Solution -- I made her a dress and matching panties! Just need to sew the last seam and then I'll post a picture - probably later today. It was really fun and not stressful because no one was expecting anything so if I totally ruined it I could just cut it up for my stash giblet pile! It surprised me how soothing it was to not be working on something "serious" or "arty". Just something for fun and outside my usual explorations. (it even has a zipper!!!!) LOL!!

While I missed several weeks on this journey, I am finding it fruitful in many ways. Sometimes just to cause me to think in a different direction, or a confirmation of the direction I'm already headed. Hope you are enjoying the journey with me!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

Would love to see that. And it is a promiss, I won't tell Alice anything :-))

Kelly said...

Thanks, I'd never live it down in DyeHards!