Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adaptation Challenge

One of the online groups I belong to is doing a challenge and the theme is ADAPTATION. Well, lately there has been a big adaptation in my life!

Here is the story -- Recently, our son, his fiance and his family (which includes 3 babies, and a 9yo son) moved in with us due to loss of jobs, economy, etc. Every other weekend we also have 3 more kids from Annette's previous marriage. To say it has turned my world upside down is actually an understatement. But I have "adapted" by counting my blessings and realizing that there are grandparents who hardly ever see their grandkids and kids. It has been quite an adjustment and still is at times. BUT, I'm flourishing in ways I hadn't thought of so it is working out pretty well.

The title of my piece is "Living Life Upside Down (and slightly off-kilter)". Hence the slanted shelf and upside down flower/vase and slanted window. The petals of the flower represent the four kids of mine (forward petals) and the three "adopted" ones (back petals). I chose a flower because I AM flourishing upside down!

The clock has all the numbers falling off it because I no longer seem to be able to maintain ANY form of schedule like I used to!

The rug and chair represent my studio (I have a big comfy chair and a rug that looks just like the one on this piece) which is right side up and not slanted because my studio is my haven, my sactuary, my calm in the storm.

One piece not on here yet will be their cat, Jack, peeking in through the window (he's an outdoor cat). I'm definitely not a cat person but have grown to respect Jack because he eats moles that dig up our yard!! So, I've adapted to him as well.

Short note: The stem on the flower in the final piece will be done with a satin stitch and curvey.

Here is the preliminary layout for the whole piece. I'm already working on some changes but I wanted to chronicle the process as well as the completed piece.

Keep watching!


Anonymous said...

How fantastic to make a piece that reflects how you feel and are coping. I hope things will get better for your family and Kudos for being such a loving person to care for them!!! Your piece is lovely and exquisite.

YukonRose said...

What a great interpretation of this idea Kelly. It is thoughful AND a super piece of artwork..