Monday, July 13, 2009

Is there anything more fun than working in the studio teaching two beginners??? Nope! Annette has NEVER sewn before except for a short bit in Home-Ec in school. Jeff used to sit on my lap and pick out stitches and guide the fabric but now he is big enough to reach the pedal! (OK, we have to put it on a box but still...........)

Jeff ( age 9) was looking through these cards we have (52 fun things to do with your grandchildren) and found one about making a flag. Needless to say, we had all the supplies needed. We pulled out the felt, scissors, paints, fabric scraps, glue, and the sewing machine and he got to work. Remember - his favorite color is orange! Here is the first session. BTW, he sewed the sleeve on all by himself!!

Then he thought it needed something more. He got out some more scraps and used several different stitch patterns to sew them together in two long strips. Then he decided to put them down the sides of the flag and just let them hang there. (They are uneven on purpose BTW). I'm so proud!!!!

Annette (DS's fiance) wanted to make quilts for the babies and picked out the Rail Fence pattern to start learning to piece and quilt. We were shopping for fabric for the twins when she found the middle fabric and it just SCREAMED Jayden. So we picked out the other two fabrics to go with it and she is doing all the cutting and stitching herself with instructions from me. Below are the blocks placed on the design wall. So far she has completed the top row completely (not shown yet). Wednesday she will be beginning the second row. She wants to have it completed by the end of the first week in August.

Here is a block so you can see the fabric that started it all!

It was SUCH a fun day in the studio! I did some work too besides instructing and answering questions. I'm posting about that separately in just a minute!

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