Monday, October 25, 2010

And yet some more!

More studio time working on some of my new favorite little bits of art - ATCs.

These are for a swap full of fun and whimsy.  Don't know if you can call the "art" but they were a nice fun diversion and much needed play time.  The theme....If Pigs Could Fly.  You just know I couldn't pass this one up.  All the little piggies I get in return will find a new home is MY little piggy's flourishing ATC collection!  Here are the ones I'm sending in.  We could do 6 this with one extra for the are my 7 cards.

My How PIGS Fly!
Another play on words kind of. Time flies.....pigs face on the flying pig...

Red-Eye Flight
Silently whooshing through the starry night sky. Winging his way to his destination during the wee hours of the
 morning. Struggling to stay awake!

Swine Flew
Get it? Swine Flew (flu). Couldn't pass that one up. Well, I COULD have but where's the fun in that?

Angel Piggy
Little angelic piggy with her halo only slightly askew. Still, all in all, a heavenly sight.

Pink Pig Of Happiness
Forget all about Blue Birds...This little piggy has happiness enought for everyone! And he's spreading it all around! Just look at that face! How could you see him and NOT be happy?

Pontoon Pig
Not only does this little piggy fly...THIS little piggy can land on water!! There he is now...headed for his favorite island!

Poor little piggy! He's really in a sticky situation now! Causing trouble for everyone!

So much fun!  Now back to the "real" world.


Sally Westcott said...

They are so cute!


Dahn said...

Kelly, these are a scream! I laughed at every one of them....