Monday, January 31, 2011

Journal January 2011 - Day 11

Yes it's been two weeks!  This cough/cold has really hit hard and long.  Day 18 and no relief in sight.  But life and creativity must go on!!!  So, I'm getting back into the studio and working on my Journal January 2011 art journal.  Needless to say...too far behind now to ever even dream of catching up but I just want to keep doing the journal for now and see how it goes.

This is day 11 and is across from day 10. The edge you see on the left of this photo is where I carried over day 10 - just cuz I wanted to.  Back to mostly black and white for the Crossword Puzzle page. This is the first time I've played with my Pentel Aquash brush.  I think there is more of a learning curve than I anticipated. But I did get better by the end of this page and THINK I know a bit more what I'm doing with it. So, here it is -- Day 11.

Journal January 2011 - Day 11 - Crossword Puzzle

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