Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Making Journal Pages

Spent some time making some pages on which to do some art journaling.  It was a new-to-me technique.  Part of it I liked....other parts of the technique - not so much.  But the results?????  Well,  I'm very happy with that!

This is one of the new techniques on a gesso-ed watercolor paper. This page I actually cut up to use for ATCs.  It is even more beautiful in segments!

This one is procion dyes on a gesso-ed watercolor paper with salt added to to the wet page

This is a plain piece of watercolor paper with procion dyes. Sand was sprinkled onto the wet page. ho hum.


soulbrush said...

So, are you making the backgrounds here and then plan to do things over them? I also don't quite 'get' the whole journalling trick, I love it when others do them, but just can't get started myself. Yours look good.

smokeysmom said...

What are procion dyes? I happen to like all of your backgrounds, now on to the next step, lol:)

Kelly said...

Thanks Soulbrush and Smokeysmom!! And Procion dyes come from my fabric dyeing background. They are dyes for cotton and other plant based fabrics. I still dye my own fabrics sometimes and have leftover dyes which I use just like watercolors!

redplantlady said...

Great backgrounds!

Traci said...

These are awesome! I always get so stuck when trying to journal, looking at the blank page. But every now and again i'll get out my gesso, inks, and other messy stuff and take sheets of water color paper and go wild. I'm going to take some of your hints and start giving myself a background to jump start my process. Thank you!

And I don't think the last one is gives a whole different vibe, for a different moon!