Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's been a full month!

So much to do with Wil here! A LOT of shopping.........eating out.......bread and cheese for dinner......etc.

But yesterday I got to work on a piece. It's not completed yet but here is the beginning.  Right now it is just on the backing.  Next comes the quilting! This subject was chosen because I so loved our wilderness camping trips to the BWCA.  She is traveling toward the distant shore with the sun setting just behind the island. To the right are sheer cliffs. And all is peaceful on a calm lake.


soulbrush said...

Is that Wil- Opio Oguta??? Or am I she visiting with you. If so then a BIG HI to you afa gals. So, you are both doing the fpat this weekend???

Kelly said...

Yep - That's the one! And we are both playing in the FPAT this weekend. But you've probably seen us there by now. hehehe

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Traci said...

Absolutely to watch your progress unfold!