Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Just yesterday I found out that my artwork "When Life Hands You Lemons" was accepted by the Linus Gallery for their Fork and Knife exhibition. YEAH!! You can see this piece and read about its inspiration and process at this link to a previous blog post -- When Life Hands You Lemons

For this exhibition, they were looking for art that evokes the many emotions and experiences related to or that are sparked by food.  Textures, colors, shapes, and even scents can be represented in artwork and can create an intriguing palette. If you would like to see the slideshow of all the accepted artists for this exhibition, you can click here.


Beth said...

Lemon's just so happens to be a fabulous quilt and I am not one bit surprised. Congratulations on your acceptance!!

Wil said...

You are in good company :-). Any idea if there are other fiber pieces in the collection?

Lisa said...


Thank you for the snow dyed fabric! It arrived yesterday and it is just beautiful. Now I need to find a great project to use it in. Thank you!