Friday, February 15, 2013

Work In Progress

I had recently heard the phrase - intuitive design

The concept intrigued me.  Probably because so much of what I'm working on now is challenge/theme/series driven.  The idea of just sitting down and going for it without a pre-conceived destination sounded like something I would enjoy.

So I did doing it.  I was the blessed recipient of some painted silk scraps from a dear friend who got them from an artist she knows who paints silk.  I was inspired by a piece of silk velvet painted purple (no surprise there!) Now what to do with it.  I had done a piece of molded polyester organza for an experiment with that technique on the ...And Then We Set It On Fire blog.  I liked the outcome but hadn't any idea what to do with it. I love texture so besides color I decided to play with texture on this piece.  I made some melted Tyvek beads to go with it, grabbed some fancy Lutrador from another friend in the Netherlands (I love this stuff and haven't found it here in the US) zapped it with my heat gun.  Got out some contrasting embroidery floss and just started laying it out and seeing where it went.  Tried not to put TOO much overthinking into it.

This is where I am so far. It is a small piece, just 8" X 11". The size was dictated by the silk velvet scrap.  Not happy yet with the placement of the beads so those will be moving.  Had to put it on hold while I dealt with some deadlines for other pieces but now that I have a breather...I plan to pick it up again this weekend.

If you get a chance...drop on over to Nina Marie's Off theWall Friday!! You'll find some wonderful blogs to visit and become inspired!!  Here is the link to her blog:

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