Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've moved my challenge for My Creative Journey over to my art blog as you can see. Nothing visual today - just thoughts and ponderings.

The card for today is: Be Open to Adventure

Ok, not usually a challenge to me but let's read the card and see what kind of adventure it is talking about.

The idea is about courage to try something new...... again not a problem for me. I guess it is best that I get to start back into this journey with something easy.

Today I am working on a "Favorite Things" wall hanging for my friend Chrissie. I started it a while ago and need to finish it up for her birthday party on Thursday. So, no pictures today in case she is reading (sorry Chrissie!!)

I love to do these wall hangings for friends. I take several things that I know are their favorite things and incorporate them. Chrissie and I have been friends for a long time so I may need a bigger piece of background fabric!!!

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Wil Opio Oguta said...

Or make a 2nd one :-)) Enjoy the party!