Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Finally I got around to washing, drying and pressing the rust pieces I did for an upcoming swap. I have been fortunate to find some really interesting pieces of rusty metal and it is fun to see the effect it has on the fabric. I did four different pieces. Below are three pictures for each piece 1) the rusty metal I used, 2) the fabric on the metal and 3) the final results.

The small and large grate pieces got an additional design element I didn't know about. When spraying them with vinegar to keep them wet they developed run lines on them. I think it adds a whole other piece of the "old and rusty" concept.



STRIP METAL WITH HOLES (I found this one along side the road)

BABY BED SPRINGS (purchased at a garage sale and stripped down to the metal)

BONUS - Not a rusty piece, but while I was washing I decided to throw in a piece of my black hand-dyed fabric that I had been using to clean up after a few discharge sessions. I LOVE the way it turned out - really serendipity because I have no idea which dye I used on the original black piece.


Thelma said...

wow Kelly,,love them,,,think my favorite is the baby bed springs,,,you sure can think of ways to get some rust dyeing going. lol

Wil Opio Oguta said...

The bedsprings turned out gorgeous! Who would have tought that a garage sale would lead to such wonderful fabric :-))

Kelly said...

Yeh and to think the lady apologized that it had a big tear in the back of the matress padding. We just smiled and grabbed it and threw it in the van, right??!! Little did she know!