Thursday, September 11, 2008

MY CREATIVE JOURNEY - week 36 continued

The assignment from last week was to do a "recipe book" - essentially a journal or notebook of things that inspire us. I finished my notebook. I had some paper towels and small bits of fabric from cleaning up after a monoprinting session and they reminded me of fire. You can't see it very well from this picture but I also stitched "flames" in with metallic varigated thread. I think of the things that inspire me as igniting a fire of creativity. Seemed appropriate. So, here is the notebook. All the pages are painted so I'm ready to put in stuff from my inspiration bulletin board to start with and then see where it goes from there!

The added plus to this color and theme is that it will soon be fall and these colors fit in just perfectly!!

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Karen said...

Beautiful Kelly, breathtaking actually, you've done a good job on this one.