Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Was rather thoughtful when I read this one. The title is Creative Space. The idea is to set aside a creative area of some kind for yourself. Well, I have my studio so that is a done deal. However, after several deadline projects lately it is a HUGE mess. Sooooooo, I decided my completion of this card would be to clean it up a bit at least.

The problem with cleaning my studio is that I come across something and the creative juices start flowing and I get side-tracked making something new!!! HA! But,I will make a concerted effort this week to see if I can make a dent at least. But in the meantime I have three other projects in process so it will probably never be spotless. (Not sure I would want it to be!)


Karen said...

I find that I'm inhibited by messy spaces and don't get anything accomplished. It's an excuse really to put off doing and get quagmired down. In my head I'm thinking "I need to get that clean" before I can start anything.

I've read somewhere the same idea - that a lot of people get stiffled by their messes and that a cleaner house does free up your personal energy.

This is certainly true of myself. There have been times when things are so bad that I'm like that proverbial chicken with the head cut off. I go around in circles not knowing where to start first and in the end stress out and do nothing.

The bit by bit approach seems to work best for myself.

Kelly said...

So far the cleaning isn't going too well. I get a lot accomplished even in a mess but I'm about to embark on a new project that needs some space so cleaning up would be a big help before I get started.