Monday, June 22, 2009

Stamp Challenge- part 1


Ok, so I LOVE stamping - and I especially like to make my own stamps! So this was a fun challenge for me. For this part I decided to do the stamping as a complex cloth project. I started with a previously hand dyed piece of blue fabric. All stamping was done with acrylic paints. First I got out a package of heart shaped paper clips.

I sprayed a wooden block with Super 77 and then attached the clips.

Then I used a small paint roller to apply the medium blue paint and stamped the whole piece of fabric.
Heart stamped fabric - detail
Then I had a piece of hard rubber tubing (no idea what is was REALLY for but I saw it at a local surplus store and knew it would come in handy some day. I cut short lengths of it and cut some of them into half and third circles. Put double sided tape on the block and attached the circles and arcs. Didn't set out to do it but it ended up looking like X and O - hugs and kisses - LOVE TO STAMP! - get it?
Circles and arc stamped onto fabric.

Circle and arc stamp - detail. I love the way the heart stamp still shows through in places!

Got out another roller and put rubber bands around it.

Then I rolled it through the yellow paint and roller stamped it onto the fabric.
Rubber banded roller stamp - detail

So that is part one of my stamping challenge entry. I have made other stamps but ran out of time today to use them. More tomorrow!!!


YukonRose said...

Kelly--you crazy stamper! This piece is the coolest thing ever. I have never seen heart paper clips and I LOVE them.
What a fun day you had. I am jealous!!!


Thelma said...

Love it Kelly! I worked a little bit making a stamp,,got one done,,and another in the making. Hope they work good. Can't wait to see what else you do.