Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stamp Challenge - part 2


So today I wanted to try an experiment. I have always used a light color fabric to start a complex cloth technique. This time I started with a darker fabric to see what the paint would do and what the result would be. This piece is all about altered circles.

First I used a spiral "stamp" that I bought at a surplus store. Again, no idea what its "real" purpose is....I just find interesting shapes and collect them. For the first layer I used a light green.

A long time ago I ordered a few packages of the very very flat sponges that could be cut easily into cool shapes and then when you add water they instantly become regular sponges. To alter the circle on this one I cut the flat sponge in several pieces, hydrated it and adhered it to a block. For this layer I used a paint called orchid. Sort of a pinky-lilac color as a complimentary color to the green.

When the orchid paint was wet (center of picture) it showed up quite well but as it dried the effect became much more subtle (to the right of the wet ones)
Here is the finished layer. I wish I had ironed it before taking the picture though.

Then I hand pleated the fabric. Not exact just quickly by hand and pressed it a bit to keep it pleated to alter the circle after it would be flattened out.

These are the stamps I used. Again, surplus store find with the black thing (it has a hole in the center that you can't see in this picture but you can tell from the stamping on the fabric.) Don't remember where I found the wire bit.
I stamped this layer with Lumiere Halo Violet Gold on the pleated fabric.

Then I unpleated it and ironed it flat for the completed piece (detail picture follows this one)

More stamps await me in my studio! I have plans for another piece tomorrow! See you then!

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Very inspirational!