Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Journal - The Artist's Way

I just completed another journal writing my daily pages (well.........there was a bit of a "vacation" so it wasn't exactly EVERY day). Time to make another one!!

I had so much fun with the acrylic spackling on New Beginnings challenge that I wanted to try it a different way this time. I started with a piece of my own stamped fabric of butterflies (seems appropriate for spring/summer) and then added some sequine waste in white diagonally across the cover. Then I spread a space of acrylic spackling over it and embedded some butterfly charms. Then I embedded a few pieces of the decorative yarns which I used on the spine just for some more texture and interest. Before it all dried I spattered some Cranberry Red Dyna-Flow over the spackling with a toothbrush.
Now, in the morning, I'm ready to start the next part of my life's adventure in writing my pages!