Monday, October 5, 2009

Playing with Wil - Part 1

Day of Discharge!!

Before Wil arrived I bought 5 yards of black Kona so we could play discharge! So, all the following discharge is done with bleach on Kona black, rinsed in plain water, then soaked and rinsed in Anti-Chlor, washed in regular laundry detergent and put in the dryer then ironed.

This one is all scrunched up and then wrapped tightly with rubber bands.
This one I rolled into a loose rope, folded it in half and then wrapped it with many tight ruber bands.
Potato Dextrin - Not at all like usine instant mashed potatoes with starch (something I won't ever do again!). We mixed the potato dextrin and applied it to the Kona black in varying thicknesses. The larger crackles are the thicker potato dextrin. It dried overnight and then I brushed on gel bleach (aka - toilet bowl cleanser!). Then followed the usual processing.
The next one I used apx 8 inches and the width of the fabric. Then I tied it in a series of knots down the length of the piece. The tied part is easy enough..........undoing it when it is wet is something else again.....and I have the aching fingers to prove it! Still........gotta LOVE the results!
This one was fan folded one direction and then fan folded again the other direction and then clipped all around the edge of the folded piece with clothes pins.
Planning to do more this week so stay tuned.


Thelma said...

Wow Kelly! Those are some awesome fabrics.

Dahn said...

OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks like so much fun. You and Wil were so productive!

Karen said...

Nice Kelly, I really like those.

Kelly said...

Thanks to all of you!!! I have to admit, discharge is one of my favorite techniques. I think partly because of the serendipity of it all!