Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some fun from today's play time

OK, so you have seen my lino cutting of Tallinn. Before I started the "official" piece I made a practice piece just to be sure how to use what tool to get which look. Below I printed the lino cut with brick red paint. Then I used artist chalks to color it. I'm in love with it actually. TONS of fun!!!

Wil and I were shopping yesterday (what else?!) and at the shopping mall we ran across several very interesting plants. Feeling like some sort of covert operation - I "liberated" a few of them and we used them in some more gelatin printing. Below are the ones I made. The left picture is the one with the plant on the painted gelatin and the right ones are from the paint left after taking off the plant.

This is the other drop cloth made from putting the used plants on fabric and with muslin on top of them, I brayered them to print the paint remaining on them.

Now, as long as no one got my liscense number.....we might pick up some more on Friday!!! Plant life everywhere -- BEWARE!!! Actually, we decided we are extending and enhancing their life cycle by immortalizing them in art!!! (Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

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