Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quickly - Nurturing Creativity - Week 20

Not much time to write much today. Just wanted to finally get my weekly creativity card posted. BUT -- will have pictures probably tomorrow. Definitely by the weekend. Doing a lot of making stuff but busy shopping, lunching and watching paint dry....literally. We did some sun-printing yesterday and decided that it needed A LOT of supervision (lol) so we sat outside on a beautiful day, with iced tea and some chai chocolate from Gena and watched the sunprints dry! What a life!!!!!

Now for my card this week......

Fire Your Critic!!

OK, I fired mine years ago but have to admit he keeps popping up! (also, wonder why I always consider my critic a "he"......hmmmm.....) Anyway, I wish I didn't listen to him but sometimes I do. Every wonder why you can hear positive input all day and then receive one negative comment and the thing you remember at the end of the day is the one negative one. Why are we so ready to believe the negative and doubt the positive.

Here's to all of us firing our critics and clinging more to the many many positives that come our way!!!!

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Sally Westcott said...

Now that is very interesting!

My inner critic is a she! The Bitch From Hell (who always knows what she is talking about!).

She is the one I ask before I ask anyone else!


Bed time!