Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After the Show

Now that the opening is over, I would like to post the four pieces that make up the Pecan series.  Each of these works is 30" X 30" mixed media/textile. 

Are you ready?

The  Sapling
 One small tree, full of the promise of things to come. Holding within itself all 
the potential for the future harvest.

Summer  Grove
Growing life is all around, from the closest tree to the ones along the far hills. 
Encouragement that all is as it should be and moving in the right direction.

The fruits of labor and nature combine to begin the emergence of the long
held hope as it peeks out of its protective covering to take on the world.
(This one is sold)

Winter  Harvest
At long last, the promise is fulfilled. The potential is realized. The harvest is 
at hand and all the work and waiting proves worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy them!

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Wil said...

Oh yes, you know I do :-)