Thursday, January 30, 2014

And Last but NOT least!

Number Six

Final Piece for the Voyage group exhibit in France, April 2014.

This is another of my Up Close and Personal series. The inspiration is another macro photo taken on a trip to Texas. In a small town in East Texas there was a very old log cabin in the town park. The logs were sun bleached to a beautiful gray. And the green spiky plants just added a pop of color. These green plants would very likely been tucked in a corner of the log cabin when it was lived in long years ago.

I did take a bit of license with this one. I changed the ground to a brown. I tried every green I have (and being a hand-dyer...there was a lot of options) but they all distracted from the spiky plants which I wanted to show up a bit more. Here it is with the original macro photo that inspired it.


Now to get them all in a package and they are off to France!!! Whew....then I can breathe a bit maybe?

In the meantime....I'm linking this to Nina Marie's Off The Wall Fridays!


Wil said...

You did it! And even a day ahead :-). Yes, time to take a short break before you start on the 2014 pieces.

quilted fabric art said...

Fabulous! I'm doing a stone wall right now and yours is so much better than mine. Did you lighten some of the stones yourself or did you just happen along the perfect fabric? I love it.

LA Paylor said...

I like your greenery better than the photo. The black on the wall is so effective. I must remember to be bold.
LeeAnna Paylor

Susie Monday said...

How cool. You were right to up the contrast with the ground.

rothequilter said...

I love your interpretation of the old cabin. Makes you wonder about the people who once lived there. Rosemary

Heather P said...

Beautiful interpretation of the photo!