Monday, January 13, 2014

The Art Show Report!

Friday evening.....after a day of jitters and butterflies...we made our way to Pine Center for the Arts.

The weather didn't turn out quite as well as predicted but it wasn't below zero with 90 mph winds! So it was all good.

Arrived in plenty of time to do some last minute adjustments and then just wait for people to arrive. When they started coming in, all the butterflies disappeared and I got to talk to people about my art. It wasn't wall to wall with people and I find that I like the smaller crowd.  It gave me time to do more than just " are you...nice to meet you."

The art was all hung on the walls with care....(hmmm that sounds vaguely familiar.....)

I brought my guest book and colorful gel pens...and, of course, a bowl of pecans!!! And the brochures and cards. A table of goodies was provided by a local caterer.

In other words...I had a BLAST!! Several friends showed up which meant the world to me. Some others who couldn't make it I knew were there in spirit, cheering in the background!

As you know...this was my first SOLO show. So this bit is probably "old hat" to many of you but for walk in and see walls full of my art....then people looking at them - first from a distance and then getting really up close and seeing different parts. I even sold one that evening! It was thrilling!!  I'm ready to do it again!!!  OK....maybe after a few days off?

So, as promised, after my weekend to recuperate from a very hectic pre-show schedule, the report is filed and until the first week in February, we'll see how it goes from here!

Thanks to so many of you who sent good wishes and encouragement! I love you all!


Regina B Dunn said...

Your pieces look wonderful. Glad you had a great evening.

R Sunderman said...

What a thrill this must have been for you, Kelly. You've worked so hard for as long as I've known you, and I'm so glad that work is paying off. Love you!

Wil said...

Well done!

Ineke said...

Your "Pecans" looks so different on the wall. Beautiful!!