Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nurturing Creativity - Week 11

A day late because the power supply on my computer FRIED!! I mean smoke and everything! Thankfully, I have 2 geeks in the family and one bought the part and the other one replaced the fried one. I LOVE having computer geeks living here!!

So, anyway, about nurturing creativity. Picking a card...................and the winner is.........

Do It Wrong

OK, the concept is to (at least for one time) ignore that voice that keeps saying "You're doing it wrong!!" and just go ahead and do it wrong! Then to discover that the world doesn't come to a grinding halt...and my favorite....that your passion for your art doesn't disappear! So what if it isn't perfect. Sometimes the imperfect things have a beauty all their own and some turn out to be awesome! So what have you got to lose???? GO FOR IT!!

This is perfect timing for this one for me. I do have one project that HAS to be perfect but others that I can just play with and the play ones have smaller parts that if they don't work out...well....I really haven't lost much time or supplies! And who knows just what I might discover!!!

Care to play along! Then DO IT WRONG.....at least once in your life!

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