Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's completed project

Remember the Pin Weaving I did earlier?? Well, it was just too cool to sit around and gather dust. Turns is the perfect size for my new phone pocket! You see, we no longer have a land line so my cell phone needs to be with me all the time during the day at least. I'm forever leaving it somewhere I've been and not taking it with me. Can't count the number of times I've had to have someone in the family call me so I could track it down!!! I HATE it clipped to my clothes or in my jeans pocket. So I made a Phone Pocket that I can slip on every morning and leave on the door knob when I come in at night. Hopefully, it will not be misplaced as often or maybe even not ever!! Too much to hope for??? Probably, but I'm aiming hight anyway.

I wove two shades of purple (my favorite color) fabric for the lining and pocket. Found a lilac ribbon in my stash and sewed that into the seams on the outside of the pocket so it would be strong. Just did a satin stitch all around the edges with purple metallic thread. A little square of Velcro and it's functional!!! I've been wearing it today and it is very comfortable! And when I prepare meals, I just slip it inside my shirt. Looks like a very weird lump but hey! it stays clean that way!

Gee, didn't notice it until I posted the pictures but it looks like I've been bleeding on my design wall!!! Checked it out.....nope. Just got a bit sloppy with a painted piece I guess. So, if you were worried (yeh, right.....) worry no more!

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