Friday, March 12, 2010

Some things completed today

It's been a bit of a productive day after all. Drizzly and gray outside but I've got my tunes cranked up and it is all joyful and fun in the studio!!!

In one group I belong to, we are playing with some embellishment techniques as a group. This month one of the techniques is stamping. I have tons of stamps but I wanted to do more of a Complex Cloth for this project. I used a piece of medium purple hand dyed fabric from my stash as the base. Then I used dark purple acrylic paint and stamped it on with a piece of one of those plastic mats that go on the bottom of your sink so dishes don't break. This one is shaped like stones. Then I used a commercial stamp of different sizes of ovals with a light green acrylic. To finish it off I used a brayer wrapped with a rubber band and painted with Lumier Halo Pink Gold. I wanted both the circular and the linear look when it was done. And here it is!!

Before cleaning up my work island, I had a bunch of scraps hanging around so I made a couple of ATCs just for the fun of it.

The background of the first one is paper toweling that I used to clean up after a particularly messy snow dyeing day. I love the way they turned out so I ironed them and kept them! Then I put on a piece of "zapped" olive green organze. A green ribbon from a gift on the side and on top of that are three sizes of gar scales. They reminded me of arrowheads (and some think they might have been used for that purpose long ago) and the colors take me to my beloved northwoods of Minnesota. Hence the name.

The second one is perhaps leaping from my own harried schedule. The background is a commercial wavy striped fabric. On it is a length of gold an black ribbon wandering across the card. Then the same "zapped" olive green organza and some "zapped" metallic Lutrador. The big gold safety pin indicates the name of this one......and perhaps how I feel most days!!!
Trying To Keep It All Together
I also got some things done for another group project we just started that I will tell you about this weekend! So, check back in!

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Wil Opio Oguta said...

Those ATC's can be addictive :-) They are both very good.